L'entredeux by Marianne Dissard

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Le Pop Musik
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LPM 18
L'entredeux by Marianne Dissard

Until their debut, only Calexico fans knew her as guest singer of the hit "Ballad Of Cable Hogue". The band was looking for French flair and found it in the form of Marianne Dissard in their hometown Tucson, Arizona, where the singer, who was born in Tarbes, France, had been living for quite some time. Joey Burns persuaded her to create this album, produced it and wrote much of the music. Dissard's ex-husband Naïm Amor contributed two songs. The crème de la crème of the Tucsonian music scene went into the studio with her, from Burns and Convertino to Amor and the legendary Django-Reinhardt double Matt Mitchell. Desert Chanson is what we called the combination of dusty southwest sound and the very typical French performance of Marianne Dissard. A legendary record.

The video for "Les Draps Sourds" was shot in Tucson during the festival "Some French Friends". With cameo appearances by Katerine and Dominique A.

For our label an album with far-reaching consequences. It was followed by further releases from Tucson, Arizona by Naïm Amor, Brian Lopez, Sergio Mendoza, Andrew Collberg and last but not least the compilation "Tucson Songs". The French singer Fredda had been deeply impressed by the scene and let her album "Land" be produced there.

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