Mélanie Pain (Nouvelle Vague)

Le Pop DJ Team Aftershowparty

17.05.2023, 20:00, Jaki Club (Stadtgarten Köln)

(Foto: Jon Shard)


Most people know her voice from the bossa wave band Nouvelle Vague. However, those who listen to Le Pop compilations also know the wonderful chanson side of Mélanie Pain. "La cigarette" was the first song of her solo career, and she first released it on Volume 4 of the series. The song about a cigarette as a love pledge has since become one of Le Pop's most popular songs. She has remained largely true to the style of that time on her three albums (and other Le Pop contributions) since then: tenderly melancholic, yet powerful and romantic. One could also say: indulgent songs with emotion and depth are her trademark. And no one is bothered by the fact that she is in fact a non-smoker. Currently Mélanie Pain is recording a new album in Paris with Brian Lopez (Calexico, Tucson Songs). And maybe this evening there will be another debut at Le Pop and one of her new songs will be premiered on a Cologne stage.

After the concert, the Le Pop DJ team will spin for dancing.

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