Our concert line-up continues into its second year. 2G rules apply for indoor events. The air in the concert hall at Stadtgarten is cleaned by air filtering systems.

06.04.2022 - Luce (+ Mathieu Boogaerts)

photo (c): Paul Rousteau

Casting show superstar und brilliant. It just works - and in Luce’s case we say: and how well! After winning Nouvelle Star (2010) Luce quickly entered the Le Pop universe. After her work with songwriter and producer Philippe Katerine (aka Katerine), Luce’s second album “Chaud” was written and produced entirely by Mathieu Boogaerts. For this concert Boogaerts will also accompany Luce on stage. Out of their collaboration emerged the opening song for our “Le Pop - La Boum” party compilation: “Polka” - watch the video, it’s fantastic.
Luce, who also works as a theatre actress, has perfect timing, is extremely expressive and possesses a talent capable of transporting her audience.
But she is also very funny, spirited and her vocal sensitivity combines perfectly with the Boogaertian groove.

And it’s her first concert in Germany!


22.12.2022 - X-Mas - Le Pop La Boum mit Cléa Vincent

The concert originally planned for Christmas advent 2021 has been postponed by exactly one year in consultation with the organisers and management. Purchased tickets remain valid.

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