Petit Cosmonaute by Jerome Miniere

Record Label
Le Pop Musik
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LPM 03
Petit Cosmonaute by Jerome Miniere

"Petit Cosmonaute" is the first artist release on our label, which means it is the first album that is not a compilation. For us the ideal start, because this album is exactly what makes the nouvelle chanson so exciting. On the one hand, it is particularly beautifully recorded francophone pop with a special emphasis on the artist's voice and on the other hand, it is a very modernly produced chanson that combines electronic and acoustic instrumentation. In every song you can feel Jérôme Minière's immense sensibility, his empathy and the poetry of his songs, whether you understand his lyrics or not.

Jérôme Minière was also part of the first "Le Pop On Tour". On the journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland he was joined by singer Toma from Toulouse and the Le Pop DJ team.

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