Chevrotine by Holden

Record Label
Le Pop Musik
Catalog ID
LPM 11
Chevrotine by Holden

The main point of a chanson is to give as much space as possible to a beautiful voice and to allow it to resonate. This rarely succeeds in such an outstanding manner as in Holden's "Chevrotine". Armelle Pioline combines her pure, straight vocal style with charm and elegance. She wrote the songs for this album with her musical partner Mocke Depret, whose guitar playing can be given exactly the same attributes: Style, charm and elegance. The tonal harmony between the two was created by Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom Heart, Senor Coconut) as producer in Santiago de Chile. Rightfully, this album is being celebrated internationally as a masterpiece of electronic pop. In Germany, Eric Pfeil wrote in the Musikexpress: "This is easily better than Air."

Due to our release in Germany and the accompanying tour, Mocke Depret and Fréderique Dastrevigne aka Fredda got to know each other and recorded the equally enchanting album "L'ancolie" together.

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