Station by Geka

Record Label
Le Pop Musik
Catalog ID
LPM 08
Station by Geka

On "Station" Geka sings in English and additionally she comes from Northern Germany. So what is she doing on Le Pop? The answer to this question is similar to that of the Italian Joe Barbieri: Musically, it just fits. Geka has an idiosyncratic style, a penchant for very delicate tones and for simple but very concise instrumentation. Comparisons to chanson singers such as Keren Ann or Françoise Hardy are appropriate. This also pleases producer Tobias Levin, who discovered her at a concert and immediately offered her a collaboration for "Station". Dirk von Lowtzow from Tocotronic is also intrigued by this extraordinary album. In the German press "Station" is being celebrated. The French Libération even devoted the last page to Geka, which is reserved for very special themes.

Geka in Libération

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