The Trouble Soup by Erik Sumo Band

Record Label
Le Pop Musik
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LPM 26
The Trouble Soup by Erik Sumo Band

In 2006, an all-rounder named Erik Sumo, who in reality is called Ambrus Tövisházi, achieved a respectable success with his debut album "My Rocky Mountain". Pop, dub, jazz and Hungarian folk elements intertwined to form extremely catchy melodies. Four years later, Le Pop Musik released the second album of the Erik Sumo Band, which had grown into a 7-piece project, worldwide: "The Trouble Soup" is a boiling cauldron of great pophymnias. Exploding synths, Eastern Bloc vermilion, indie and progressive in three-minute operas as they might have been written by the Flaming Lips or the B-52s. In their homeland Hungary, the Erik Sumo Band were seen as heroes thanks to their brilliant live shows and sophisticated songwriting. The single "Disco in my head" was on number 1 in the Hungarian radio charts.

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