Mind Hits by Andrew Collberg

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Le Pop Musik
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LPM 38
Mind Hits by Andrew Collberg

In 2013, Andrew Collberg released his third album "Minds Hits", though he was just 25 years old. This time he composed his songs on the piano instead of the guitar as previously. With consequences. While the predecessor "On The Wreath" still showed beatlelesque and dreamy traits, Collberg is more energetic and powerful here. As with all albums produced in Tucson (Arizona, USA) in recent years, the current zeitgeist and production trends did not play a role. On the contrary. He even borrowed a mixing desk, which Harry Nilsson had used for his 1971 album "Nilsson Schmilsson", and which perfectly suited his analog vintage sound idea. Just like the guitar of his friend Connor Gallaher, which seems to originate from that era.

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